Electronics Recycling at GEEP

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Most people know that Edmonton eco-centers accept electronics…

What most people do NOT is that their electronics are actually worth money!! Prices range depending on the grade of electronics. High grade components like motherboards can net $150 – $600 per metric ton as they are loaded with gold, platinum, rare earth and other high-value metals which we may not produce in Canada. If you are looking to start a new collection, GEEP at the Edmonton Waste Management Center will setup accounts for larger clients that regularly pick-up or drop-off more than one ton.

Collecting the metal is one thing, getting it out is the trick. It is a dirty process where the materials are pulverized into fine bits, then soaked in a series of acid baths to remove the right materials at the right times. The metals are then recovered from the solutions and sold by volume as quazi-refined electronic mulch. The Vancouver Olympic medals were made from those metals! There is only one other electronics pulverizing machine located in Calgary with GEEP’s only direct regional competitor. I smell opportunity!

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