Junkzilla’s Disposal Philosophy

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As in any business, time is money!

When you call a company that knows where to take what, your items are disposed of quickly and responsibly!

As a long standing member of the Edmonton business community, we work closely with waste handling / processing facilities, charities and local private businesses to ensure that as little as possible goes to a landfill. The Edmonton Waste Management Center is one example of a world class waste processing facility located right in here in Edmonton. It has it’s recently illuminated flaws, like recycling rates that are far lower than what the statistics were revealing. That said, calling it a dump may result in hurt feelings.

I spoke with 2 City of Edmonton representatives that were leading the ‘Future of Waste’ talks. We exchanged ideas about some of the challenges that I run into, like sorting and dumping fees. That is about where it ended. There is no doubt that everyone involved wants to find a set of solutions for our civic waste management issues, but with the number of vested financial interests and big ticket contracts like those with GEEP and the failed paper recycling partnership, it is hard to see a clear way forward.

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