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Within the Removal Service industry, there are usually 3 criteria used to determine price:

  1. Volume of items being removed
  2. Loading time / Access to the items
  3. Overall Weight of items. The removal of high density items as mentioned above, are often priced differently.

Pro Tip: The more “ready-to-go” your items are, the more you should save. If you are able, boxing and bagging loose items usually help mitigate additional labour charges. Make sure to keep your chemicals, cleaning agents and electronics separate from the items intended donations or disposal. Put them in their own box, or point them out and let us handle them!

A few important questions to ask a company when it comes to pricing:

  • How much labour is included in the estimated price?
  • In what circumstances will billing change between volume and weight?
  • Are there additional charges to be aware of and how are those charges determined?
  • Do you offer free in-person estimates for loads that may be difficult to price over the phone?
  • Can you please stop asking rhetorical questions? Just Kidding.
  • Do you provide a price list?

 We believe in standardized, upfront pricing.

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