David J. Wallace

Muscles, Janitor, Operations Management

I am happy to be in business and proud to have been serving Albertans since 2006.

I started mt business career in 2006 with The Grocery Guy, grocery delivery for seniors and people with reduced mobility. Working with SAGE ( Senior’s Association of Greater Edmonton ) to help with personal shopping and other support services. An issue of accessibility for independent living that is still in need of solutions today.

In 2008 I started a moving company called Adelan Moving. Here I learned the fundamentals of customer service and some very well used business skills. One of the great parts of the moving business is meeting new people almost daily from across the Edmonton area.

Harmony Redesign was my next venture into the world of home staging and the furniture rental warehouse businesses. Here I managed an inventory of furniture and accessories for staging vacant homes for sale. The rentals helped me provide the high quality listing photos that can help increase online visibility and generate more buyer interest when selling a property. It was an interesting venture, and as usual – loaded with valuable experience.

In 2011, I started Junkzilla. It was a very similar business to moving, so I was able to easily reapply my customer service and logistics skills. It has been a very rewarding business, where I have had the opportunity to discuss waste reduction ideas with other businesses, as well as the city of Edmonton regarding the Future of Waste program.

I have connected with local organizations that, reduce, resell and recycle many of the items removed. I look forward to working closely with other junk removal companies and like minded local businesses,  to plan and implement new waste reduction and recovery strategies. If you have something to say about how we can work together, I would be happy to hear from you.

I am now proud to be licensed as a Real Estate Agent! My sales, service and marketing experience will help me deliver additional value for a well-managed property transaction. Please contact me for more information.

Thank-you for your ongoing support Alberta, it’s been a pleasure to be of service!

Best Regards,

David Wallace